The energy is real.


Avesa breath is what enables me to hold a higher vibration. When you use the Avesa breath 24/7 you are telling the universe, "I'm here. I'm ready. I'm open. Guide me." This affirmation is the Self-Ascension mantra. 

Avesa Quantum Healing™ 

When you receive a balancing you have a personal intention. I take your intention and charge it up with more energy and place back into you. Then I encourage your chakras to move into infinity symbols instead of the normal sphere rotation. This shift supports you on your journey of self-ascension. After the basic balancing, there can be the Atlantean Healing Chamber techniques incorporated which use additional tools for your specific healing based on how the practitioner(Neve) is guided. Healing does take place and old patterns or past trauma stuck in the body can be released. There is a lot of shifting happening, we are in an awakening! The gift of receiving Avesa Quantum Healing™empowers you to embrace difficulties and changes with joy and ease!

Avesa is a mystical and tangible solution to the increasingly critical needs of our times and the search for Divine Consciousness.
— Sri & Kira 

Egyptian Healing Circle

In an Egyptian healing circle we come together as a group with a specific intention. After we set our intention we circle up and go on a guided meditation together. In the meditation there are certain elements that are healing for you specifically as well as for the group's intention. After the meditation we share our experience with each other to ground it into our normal reality. When it comes to higher dimensional activities it is hard to put them into language. There is very little I can type right now that will give justice to being in this experience for yourself. 

What is Avesa Quantum Healing? 

"Avesa Quantum Healing™ is a gift from the Crystalline Dimensions that offers alignment with one’s authentic soul energy thus enhancing harmony and balance in all aspects of life. Avesa Quantum Healing™ expands the cutting edge of spiritual healing, opening inter-dimensional portals where energy and intention flow far more powerfully to effect transformational changes in the physical dimension." -

Self-Ascension Chakra Portrait

Self-Ascension Chakra Portrait

Self-Ascension Chakra Portrait 

"Chakras are traditionally recognized as seven energy centers located along the spine. Each is associated with a specific color and most often experienced as an orbital energy radiating from the body. This traditional system of viewing the energy of the body has served humanity for millennia.

The energy channels that are supported by our chakras are a foundation for the experience of our lives. When they are out of balance we are often in distress and find challenges in creating the life we want. Similarly, when we are in balance, we discover harmony with greater ease.

The years 2015-2022 are the “Ascension Escalator” for humanity. This energetic portal reminds us that we are now at the moment of Self-Ascension. Due to this powerful energetic shift, our chakras are transforming!

The Self-Ascended Chakra Portrait depicts our chakras in the Self-Ascended state. The picture shows the chakras centered within the Golden Merkabah of our energy body that is also raised into a higher vibrational state. This Merkabah aligns with the Golden Mean ratio or higher aspect pyramidal form and radiates a golden energy.

As we each claim this ascended energy into our lives, we lift into the ascended state spiritually, emotionally and physically. The chakras ascend with us and transform from a spinning orbital energy into a figure-8 flow of balanced energy.

Similar to the traditional chakra system, Self-Ascended energies are located within the physical body at the same locations. However, it is most important to note that Self-Ascension energy is experienced as the balanced swirling spiral of the infinite." - Sri and Kira  

The Self-Ascended Chakra system is empowered by the heart and culminates with full illumination just above the crown chakra, (top of head). This is the Lotus or eighth chakra; the energy of union expressed through loving trust in Universal inspiration. It is the halo so often viewed in ancient depictions of saints.

When our Self-Ascended Chakra system is fully illuminated it opens the Golden Spiral of Divine Connection that “fuels” our Ascended Merkabah. This gateway opens our divine nature to effortlessly experience the inter-dimensional fullness of enlightenment and assists us to maintain peace, love and joy in our worldly lives.

Living among the distractions of worldly affairs we must remember that we alone are responsible for assisting our chakras to stay in the bliss state. Relax now and connect with this beautiful animation of the Self-Ascension Chakra portrait and experience the ignition." -Sri & Kira 

Galactic Blueprint

Galactic Blueprint

The Divine Galactic Blueprint

"The Divine Galactic Blueprint is a 12-pointed ascended chakra system. You enter the energy of the Divine Galactic Blueprint by stabilizing the heart chakra as your foundation. This is a blessing for it offers you the rare gift of healing the worldly preoccupations of the lower three traditional chakras. When the first, second and third chakra stabilize, the heart ignites in a divine dance of eternal light. This ignites our cosmic presence and brings forward our ancient mastery and wisdom!

Humanity has now entered the ascension cosmic cycle from 2015-2022, and The Divine Galactic Blueprint has been activated again. 

The gateway of your personal Divine Galactic Blueprint has been opened. This gift has come forward as the energy on the planet is ready for greater alignments and YOU ARE HERE, connecting with this NOW, because you are already ascending and igniting your divine presence once more as a conscious co-creator.

At the cellular level, ALL beings on the planet are aware that a major shift is upon us. The preoccupation with ancient doomsday prophecies, rapture agendas, even the New Golden Age of Peace and Harmony all have their origins in your DNA. Your cells know that you are here at the single most important time in our collective history, and your conscious mind wants details!

The last activation of the Divine Galactic Blueprint was at the end time of Atlantis. It is important for you to recognize that the Divine Galactic Blueprint is now back on the planet, and therefore you have the choice." - Sri and Kira 

"Being in the presence of the Divine Galactic Blueprint often Reawakens your ancient memories with greater clarity! You can order a full color print of the Divine Galactic Blueprint by clicking here.

The Divine Galactic Blueprint ignites at your heart chakra.  Bring your hand to your heart, take in a deep breath and simply relax as you experience the divine ignition of this animation of the Ascended energy." - Sri & Kira