My body is on a spiritual journey and I as consciousness am watching.
— Matt Khan

Neve is a spirit guide. Those who know her admire her for her wisdom and compassion. If you desire a deeper connection to your spirit and to ignite your creative energy she is your gal. She guides groups of people into their potential using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, modern habit science, identity evolution and her connection to source. She is passionate about spirituality, community, consciousness, sacred sex and relationships. Her health coaching program focus on loving yourself and living a healthy lifestyle in rhythm with nature so you truly connect with your beloved and the divine/universe/source energy.

Neve knows we evolve faster with each other and her dynamic community of spirit seekers transform being healthy into having relationships full of depth and fun! Neve publishes videos on her instagram account, facebook page and youtube channel. She also sends out bi-weekly love letters(emails) and posts on her blog about what is currently arising. If you are interested in joining her community of dynamic individuals on a growth path join her facebook group called Health Revolution and schedule a conversation with her. She offers a free call to connect with you.


Yoga Bio

Neve has been a yoga practitioner off and on since 2003. After several car accidents, it became apparent to her that she would be practicing yoga the rest of her life in order to self-heal daily. She received her RYT 200 teaching certificate in hatha alignment-based yoga with a HEAVY Anusara influence from Health Advantage Yoga Center. Neve has studied many different styles of yoga under various senior teachers.  She is drawn to the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of yoga. Neve also has training in Ayurveda and Tantra Yoga. After her first 1000 hours of teaching she became an E-RYT and has participated as a teacher in two yoga teaching trainings with Bhav Brigade. With 17 years of teaching experience, Neve enjoys guiding her students along the yoga path of self-discovery. Her classes tend to be more playful in nature yet with an element of reverence for the Divine.


Ayurveda Healing

Neve was told she might not be able to easily conceive a child due to health issues and hormonal imbalances. She started investigating alternative options. When asked by an Ayurvedic practitioner what would be the one thing she would like to change about herself, she replied immediately, "PMS hormones and less painful menstruation." After taking herbs and applying diet changes she starting cycling with the moon. (Traditionally, women menstruate during the new moon and ovulate during the full moon.) Within a year of making these changes Neve got pregnant. Nine months later she had a beautiful, healthy boy. Since then, she has increased her Ayurvedic lifestyle and rituals by becoming a health coach of Ayurveda. Ayurveda practices have shifted Neve's orientation to life to being easeful. She now enjoys being grounded and balanced.



Neve has done fire poi since 2009. She enjoys dancing with fire to live music or drumming. When she first saw a couple spin fire she was handed the chains with flaming fire balls and started to play. The following week she made her own pair and began practicing. Since then she has performed at many different events. Contact her if you would like her to spin fire at your event!

Blues and Lindy Hop Dancer & Dj

Neve starting dancing near Washington D.C. at The Jam Cellar in 2004. Neve loves the vintage jazz which calls dancers to jive. "The music is upbeat, happy, and fun!" She remembers from childhood always loving jazz music and wanting to learn how to move to it. When she moved to Norfolk in 2010 she began teaching and Djing swing at Attucks Theatre. She started a weekly blues & fusion dance in 2011. She was the founder of Siren City Blues and her passion was to continue to offer a safe space for dancing, community, and music. She believes it is healthy and essential for humans to gather together to have fun that includes movement and music. The art of dance is something to be enjoyed and shared and Neve knows anyone and everyone can learn. Neve has taught physical activities for over 17 years and is a skilled teacher. She has also placed in dance competitions and hopes to compete again one day.

As far as dj’ing, Neve is always on the search for obscure recordings. Her blues and swing selections have a traditional sound though she loves to throw in surprises. Watching the audience and playing to the room is important to Neve in order for her to nurture the dance scene and aid its growth.  

On facebook the name of the group Neve founded is Siren City Blues and they are still meeting weekly to teach blues and dance as a community.