Is YOUR Trajectory The Expanding Spiral?

We always have a choice. We choose to be happy from within or we allow the outside events to effect us negatively. When we choose to thrive in our body, mind, and spirit we cannot sit still and watch others suffer, we want to help. I fall into this category and after joining a group of awesome, successful, like-minded people who have the same direction I realized there is SO much more which I want to share with you.

I went on a retreat a few weeks who with my fellow Yoga Health Coaches and realized that when we resist something it is because there is a breakthrough on the other side of the resistance. I also realized that in order to grow constantly, things will get uncomfortable. When we expand we push the limits of ourselves which at first isn’t easy or fun. Or at first that is how we see it. Once evolution is a normal thing, uncomfortable things seem normal, and possibly exciting.

My mentor showed us this visually as a spiral. 


You may have talked to someone who has said, “the best years of my life were in my twenties.” It means their spiral of life is contracting with time.

Most people are happy with being where they are in life, thus their spiral has parallel sides, not inverted or expanded.

I’m here typing today to tell you my spiral is expanding. I've hit against road blocks over and over again this year and I've struggled through the resistance and grown! Thank you YHC community for supporting me this year as I become the coach and leader I am meant to be. "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn

Now that I have a community of wellness providers next to me with an awesome leader, who are all also focused on personal and planetary growth, my personal momentum has increased. I can tap into the collective energy of our community. As I grow with support I can serve our local community with more tools and resources.

Is your spiral expanding? When you hit the sides do you shy away from the challenge or become excited about being the new you on the other side of the resistance? Do you have a community of people supporting you and encouraging you to face your challenges? Let us be that now for each other. I'll write more soon. Love and peace.

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