Our Right To Bliss

Yoga and Ayurveda to me, are really the secrets to living life in a full and healthy way. The gurus who only revealed secrets and discoveries to students for thousands of years have now poured out their wisdom to all of humanity. Over the last 200 years we we have been gradually exposed to this ancient knowledge as  students were allowed travel to America. Today, the internet holds huge repositories of knowledge for those who know where to look, and you will also find Aryuvedic teaching and yoga Philosophy in places where yoga is practiced.

With today’s technology and the past generosity of the gurus and saints we all have access to almost anything we desire spiritually. I am honored and feel extremely lucky to be alive right now with this knowledge and the practices laid out before me. It is important and precious to lead the practice of yoga. I am honored and humbled daily at the realization that I am blessed to be sharing these ancient secrets and practices. To know I lead people in living a more enlightened life. 

In a paradigm I held earlier in life, people were inherently flawed and only sometime later in our existence (after death) would we truly be able to experience bliss/heaven. Yoga teaches that we need not wait, we can experience bliss now! If you’re stuck in your own mind it can feel like “hell”. As yogis we do not try to solve our mind problems with our mind. We choose to connect other Koshas, breath and body, to shift the mind layer. The Koshas are a beautiful system to live by. Koshas are layers or “sheaths” that yoga teaches make up the human body. If you are in health coaching you already know this, for everyone else I may write more on the topic later. 


What I really want to get at is that we have direct access to intuition and bliss. Isn’t it great that our human right is bliss? It’s built into you, and only waiting for you to connect the dots. We are designed for bliss, evolution, and expansion. Whoa, I love that! It’s truly amazing to think about. 

I wish I had a guru around the corner who meditated for 8+ hours and shared with me my next specific spiritual focus. But like most of us, family and friends are my teachers and they show me where I can grow and expand my patience and love. I can become a better practitioner of karma (service) yoga by simply being open to them and observing what is reflected back to me. 

Relationships, teachers who learned from other teachers who learned from gurus, spiritual texts; all these things can help us get pointed in the right direction. We also have our own expanding consciousness leading us. Sitting in silence is so crucial for this very reason. If you want to find your way to a blissful place you will have to just stop and take in where you are now. Without meditation I don’t know how I could be a responsible yoga teacher. 

I am grateful for all the spiritual teachings and the different paths. It is wonderful to be alive now and have access to so much truth! We also have secrets to living life with more ease. Thank you gurus and teachers who came before us and shared your wisdom and teachings with us so we could live a more fun-filled and blissful life. 


Neve GraceComment