Invest in Yourself! 

What an amazing year I’ve had. 2017 taught me so many things and shifted my energy to more abundance and success. One of the key things that has helped me is investing in myself. I realized from my first mentor, Dahyu Patel, how powerful it can be to use money as an exchange for experience and wisdom. 

When I was 21 he sent me to a weekend retreat called Landmark, a weekend workshop where you come to recognize the stories you tell yourself and that they aren’t always true or helpful. I learned I have ideas about my perception. The things I took away from that one weekend are so powerful they have helped me every day since. 

Landmark was a wake up call. He also sent me to other trainings where I could see the value in the information I was taught and applied it to my work and personal life. I realized then investing in yourself can improve your quality of life immediately. I believe saving money has its place, but investing in yourself with the right person or program can change your whole life experience and catapult you onto a path of growth! 

The second big self-investment that stands out is my yoga teacher training. Not only was I learning new skills to teach, I was finding out more about the essence of my soul. Yoga philosophy has shifted my whole life for the better. Through my practice and studies I found the secrets to the world and how life works. I felt at peace embracing the truths yoga offered. 

These examples are great, however, Dahyu paid for my trainings after college and my mother gifted me with my yoga teacher training certification. Since I had learned the value of spiritual experience in personal growth and career investments, I began funding my own extended learning. When classes with experienced teachers presented themselves, I took them. I did a training on chanting and Bhakti yoga. I went to Nicaragua for an Ayurveda and Tantra retreat. 

At the end of 2016 I felt called to be a health coach. I wanted a practical program which gave clients the support they needed for fast results. I found Cate Stillman and her Yoga Health Coaching program. I invested A LOT of money which I didn’t have to get thorough the training to be the best coach I could. Her program combined habit science, identity evolution and Ayurveda. It was a perfect fit for me. 

Because I knew this course was what my heart was calling me to do I didn’t let my fear around money stop me. I started living in circadian rhythm and gained body integrity. I stopped over eating. I began to sleep better and manage my weight in a healthy way. I started to feel more connected to myself and others. I experienced higher levels of joy, happiness and confidence. I began to do all the things I had always wanted to do and I got out of my own way during this course because of the loving and safe community I could be vulnerable in.

After 15 months of training to be a coach, I was so happy with the new life I was living.  Going through the program, being mentored, and coached personally and then leading 2 groups through the habits I was living changed me. It brought confidence and concrete results to my life and the lives of others. I did (and do) the work and now I began to have a more profound and positive impact on others!

Most recently, I felt a pull to Ecuador for the 9th dimensional activation trip. Again, I exchanged money for experience and training. Wow, let me tell you, I definitely got more than what I paid for. I am a better version of myself with techniques to raise my vibration and teach others to do the same. I am also certified now to do Avesa Quantum Balancing.


Money is energy. So many times we trade it for things we think will bring us happiness. The true source of our happiness lies inside of us and when we truly begin to focus on developing from the inside-out, it will begin to emerge. There will always be plenty of money, energy and time for those things you truly value, so value yourself! What do you spend money on? Unhealthy food? Clothes? New gadgets? Going out? Do those things bring true happiness?

 If you know you want to live more intuitively with your body, to have energy integrity with the  rhythms of nature, maybe coaching is for you. We can talk about it together and discover if it is the right step for you! Click here to schedule a conversation with me. 

Whatever you do and wherever you go, invest in yourself from your heart. If you feel a longing or a pull in a direction you know will add benefit to your life, do it! The money will come or you can borrow it. There is always a way and money is NEVER a good excuse not to follow your heart and do what you feel led to do. I'm grateful I had the courage to pursue my dreams and did not allow finances to stop me. I did not have extra money in my bank account last year but the universe provided for me because I said "yes, I am worth it." You are worth it too! 

With so much love, 


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