Sex Magik

My abbreviated sacred sex history

First I guess I need to start in my senior year of high school when I lost my virginity. I really dislike the phrase, “lost my virginity.” Let’s change the language to the first time I shared my sacred energy with someone. Anyways, I was disappointed. All my hopes, dreams and hormones, and that was it? Really? No. I knew there was more to it than bodies coming together. And no, I did not have an orgasm. 

Years later, my first mentor shared about how sex isn’t about the physical pleasure. They said it is about the energy of the exchange. I was 22 when they told me sharing yourself with someone is sacred and you do bond with their soul. Your energies mesh and shift depending on the interaction. I didn’t know what to think at the time but I knew what they said resonated. 

Then the universe gifted me with a teacher who taught me about spiritual loving making when I was 26. I like to call it Sex Magik. It changed my life and my perspective about love and sex. I didn't know men could orgasm without ejaculating as much as women can. I also didn't realize many things I discovered from this teacher, such as seeing everyone as divine. The experience deepened my search for more fulfilling energy exchanges personally AND to discover what people need to do to experience what I did. It felt like I was having an experience of God. Doesn't matter if you believe in God or not. For me at the time those were the only words I knew to capture what I felt as being engulfed in bliss and unconditional love energy. Afterwards, I felt more love for everyone and myself. The love simply oozed out of me towards all who I came in contact with. 

I thought to myself, “if this kind of love making equals enlightenment and unconditional love for all, why aren’t more people into this? If everyone did this the planet would be overflowing with love.” I concluded that most people don’t know, and probably don’t care. Sex feels pretty good the way it is, so why transmute the sexual energy into spiritual energy? When you have enlightened experiences that is what it feels like, you enter a light state. Your body feels light, soft, peaceful, content. The result is more capacity to love yourself and others. I knew some people would want to learn about this and try it out for themselves. 

From the enlightened experience I had an instant desire to share the gift of sacred love making with others. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be engulfed in bliss and unconditional love? What were the elements I had which allowed the exchange to be so powerful and what do my friends, family, students, clients need to do to experience it? I knew meditation was key, and a few other things and so I went on a search to discover how best to share and what was needed to re-create a sacred energy exchange. 

Later I was in a yoga class where we did a dharma meditation. Dharma is your life work/purpose. I breathed the purple dharma flame into my heart and saw myself sharing publicly about Sex Magik. There was more, and that is all I need to share right here. After this affirmation from the universe I began to make plans to fulfill part of what I feel is my role on Gaia (earth). 

Now, we are mostly up to date on what you may want to know, if you want me to leave out my twin flame. Ha! Why would I do that? My twin flame and I met and came into union which was instant bliss. That is a whole different story AND it also helped me in a lot of ways for sharing about this topic which is why I mention it.

Picture by Alex Gray

Picture by Alex Gray

Twin flames are believed to be the other half of your soul. Some people say your soul can split into two and go through separate lives and learn different lessons to help the soul reach enlightenment. Just go with that idea for a minute and think about two halves of one soul coming together. It feels like the universe exploding and imploding at the same time. I grew spiritually through these enlightened love exchanges along with my identification with self dropping away in the midsts of it. I became him, he become me, we became the universe. It is union which can not be explained in words and only experienced. You can read a ton more about twin flames on the internet. 

What I realize is not everyone wants to turn their sex life into blissful energy exchanges where enlightenment happens, those that do, I’m here for you. I did a lot of healing and meditating to prepare myself for transmuting my sexual energy into spiritual energy consciously. It is the art of alchemy. If you are someone who gets excited reading this than I want you to join me in The Love Alchemy Course. 

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So much love, 

Lady Yogini Neve.