Health Rebel

My old brand name was yoga life hacks and yoga life hackers. Life hacks is over used. I felt a push to change it up. In my personal life I had a lot of changes going on. Now, I don't teach weekly studio classes, I am not in charge of the weekly blues dance anymore and I moved to a different city. It has been a busy year so far. I'm VERY grateful for the space to evolve.

My Doing Business As (DBA) is Health Revolution. I do not like to play by the rules. So what if I change my perception so the "rules" are how most people live, eating poorly or too much food too late at night. I rise against the norm by eating earlier dinners and going to bed before 10p.m.! This allows my body to rest, I sleep better, I have no joint pain when I wake up AND I get to be a rebel in a healthy way! 


I am part of micro-culture of people who are living in opposition of the macro culture lifestyle.  We are healing our bodies, minds and spirits with the support, information and encouragement of the community. We communicate online and use a closed facebook group. It’s hard work because changing my daily habits has changed my identity and life. My relationships have shifted, my priorities have shifted and I have more time and space for a self-loving lifestyle of evolution. 

The body can and wants to heal itself and it needs the right conditions in order to do so. I’m stepping into deeper integrity with time and space. Another way to say it is this community is about going to the root cause of the issue and starting there. Which tends to include undigested emotions; in Ayurveda it is called ama. In digesting sub-conscious or repressed emotions we need our fellow rebels on the path of a personal and collective health revolution.

Let’s think about it, if you are accustomed to hanging out with a specific group of friends who stay up too late doing X and snacking while they do, well... now you're in a bit of a dilemma. You still want to be friends with these folks and do what they are doing because you love the activity AND you are starting to prioritize how you feel and your health. (This is why I needed space from the dance culture.) 

Now is where the self-inquiry and wondering begins. If we do what we love earlier would that work? Will we be able to connect the same way? If I stop hanging out with them will I be sad? Why do I need this? What do I truly want to feel by connecting? And so on and so forth... this is what we look at in the coaching community at Yogahealer and in my group of Health Rebels. It is holistic; the body, mind and spirit.  It is critically important for me to have friends who are choosing their growth as a priority and being in community with them. I found this online.

My closest friends are all around the world!  We are connecting each week online in several different zoom meetings and meeting in person a few times a year. It is great! 

I also love how we are so real. None of the coaches live all the habits all the time and it doesn’t looks the same for any of us. We are human professional healers who help others heal themselves. When we get together we help each other heal more deeply by following our core group values and call each other out on our shit. Shit being things we don’t see that are obvious for others to observe and loving point out. And of course while we are together we are also discussing how we can become better coaches.  

I believe it is important to self-heal and the process isn’t a one pill, one surgery, one week, one coach or new diet fix. It takes a lifestyle and community to thrive as a human in this digital fast-paced age. I have changed and grown a lot the past three years and I couldn’t have done it alone. I’m so excited to be more real and to share with you what has helped me find more balance, peace and ease. 

I think one of my favorite “ahas” from my identity shifting is how my coach friends reflect back to me often how grounded I am. What! It is so awesome because 4, 5, 6 years ago I was a nut! All over the place with my eating and sleeping schedule. All over the place with my emotions and thoughts. I wont even get into the crazy schedule I had. Now I can say with confidence; I am not a saint, I am a health rebel.

If you want to be part of a personal and collective health movement, join us! Click here to fill out a health form and then schedule a conversation with me. 

So much love,