Seeking Balance

I love the Mudra of balance. Also called Surabhi Mudra or Dhenu Mudra. Balance as it relates to all of life is so important. We tend to fixate the mind so firmly on one opinion  without even considering or fully exploring the other side. I find it intriguing that I see this pattern outside of myself and still exhibit it my own subconscious behavior. 

For example, let’s take people who are vegan. I have so many friends who are vegan. I totally believe in their cause and reasoning. I myself have been vegan. However, when we become overly one sided and believe everyone else should be doing what we are doing it stops us from being able to connect to others. 

What is the point of being human if not to connect to one another and deeply listen? If a meat-eater feels judged by a vegan it creates conflict. When this happens there is dualism. There is a right and a wrong, a black and a white from each person’s perspective. This dualism separates us, and I believe it is one of the greatest illusions we as humans fall into. 

I believe balance is finding the gray area and relating to other people in it. I can still have opinions and follow what I feel is right for me while acknowledging that everyone else is valid in their own point of view. Same goes for religion in my book. 

I have been at fault by doing this in aspects of my life. I think we probably all do it. I love yoga because it helps me see more about myself. What is seen and known can be healed and released. An asana practice causes me to move and breathe so I can access the five koshas and senses on a deeper level. 

In the Bhagavad Gita is states one of the purposes of yoga is to make that which is unconscious conscious.

What is conscious is seen. If I see the dualism, inwardly I can know it doesn’t actually exist. The balance of being in a body and being more than a body has been my struggle. Up until recently I identified more as spirit than flesh. Who does that help? Me? Others? If I am currently accomplishing balance it will pulsate, demonstrating the spanda of evolution. 

Spanda is the pulsation of evolutionary life. I feel as though I’m in the pulse of balance between my flesh and spirit and I’m sure it will fluctuate. When it comes to politics I think I end up being moderate because I see so much value on both sides of the argument. Take abortion, I do not think it is all right and I also believe that women should have a choice. 

Where do you see yourself finding balance? Is it a middle gray area between the extremes? Extreme opinions or views cut us off from another person’s point of view. We become narrow-minded when we only see what we see. If we step back, breathe and take in a larger perspective on most things we can see how some people may think and feel differently than us. Instead of one person being wrong and the other being right, maybe the truth is that it’s simply a beautiful thing that we all think and feel differently.

Balance for me is allowing myself to be human and still exist as spirit. Balance is being a vegan without judging others. Balance is knowing what is right for you and not casting shame or blame on others for having different opinions. Balance is of the body, mind, and spirit. 

My first studio, the one I started before Sattvic, was called Studio Balance. I am finding I have come full circle. I believe the search for balance is life long as things will continuously change and exist in varying states of flux. 

If you desire a safe space to explore your own balance, and a community centered on identifying and overcoming dualism, I invite you to explore these topics with me in either of my two coaching courses. I wish you the best on your journey of balance. 

So much love,