Self-Love Equals Self-Care

Self-care is self-love. The majority of concepts I share and teach are self-love practices. So why is it still a challenge for me to love myself daily? One reason is because we never arrive at self-love and are complete. No. It is a consistent choice and lifestyle habits which continue to blossom and sometimes die. I know my self-love has died and been reborn over and over. 

Self-love is such a hot topic in part because in loving ourselves we digest the emotions and thoughts which are getting in the way of our growth. Also, self-love has to happen before you can fulfill your deeper life dreams. Self-love is required to attract and love a partner who can be in a healthy relationship with you. If you don’t love yourself first, forget it. How can you love others? 

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
— Mark 12:30-31 NIV

I believe it is clear from the Bible Jesus says, “Love you neighbor as yourself.” If you do not love yourself how can you truly love your neighbor? If there is a unconscious hole in you where your love for yourself goes, then unconsciously you are seeking attention from other people and things to fill the void. 

The process of learning to live with habits which create a self-nourishing lifestyle heals things we were previously not aware of. The daily habits of a yogi, which is dinacharya, is a lifestyle of love. After living this way and teaching it for almost 3 years now I’ve experienced and see how without habits in place to show myself love I end up going the opposite direction. 

Why is anxiety and depression so prevalent in American culture when we are privileged, blessed and have more resources than other people in other places in the world? There are so many things vying for our attention, energy and time we can end up taking a back seat to our own lives. We end up in our heads and not our bodies.

This is a problem if we want to love ourselves. So how can you love yourself more starting today? I’ve listed some of the things I do to help me love myself. I believe self-love is a lifestyle. The keys themes I’ve noticed are Awareness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Kindness and Joy. Here are some ways those play out in my life: 

  1. Journaling is a great way to see where you are mentally and what is arising.

  2. Meditation helps you realize you are not your thoughts, you have the ability to choose your thoughts. Plus it gives you a way to connect with your intuition.

  3. Yoga/physical activity can aid in getting out of your mind(head) and into your body(heart).

  4. Self-massage with organic cold-pressed oil (coconut, sesame, etc. ) teaches you to accept your body and eventually to love it! Hint: mindfully massage the parts of you you like less.

  5. Adopting morning and evening rituals to nurture your connection with something greater. Anything which gives you space from your devices is great!

  6. Rhythmic eating allows for you to show love to your organs and gives them the ability to fully digest and cleanse the body. I eat at the same times everyday with at least a 13 hour fast at night.

  7. Affirmations will help you reprogram limiting beliefs or self-sabotage statements you may have. An example would be to place your hands on your heart and sincerely say, “I love you.”

By doing these things regularly I am able to love myself. If and when I stop living in a self-nourishing lifestyle I can feel my love for myself decrease. I’m then motivated to ramp up my self-care habits. 

I hope this encourages you to care for yourself which is loving yourself and I invite you to try one of the practices I listed if you do not do them already.  I am a coach and guide in self-love so if you interested in loving yourself more and connecting with your spirit reach out to me. 

So much love,


Neve GraceComment