Are you tired of saying, “I’m fine” and putting on a happy face?

Chances are you want to live an amazing and vibrant life where you actually are more than fine, you’re thriving! Chances are your current habits are not in alignment with what you want next for your life. This means there is room to grow, learn and refine.

During coaching you will discover how to revive your spirit. You will ignite your creative energy and inspiration. You will automate new habits which will support your body in healing itself. My promise to you is if we work together I can guide you to connect more deeply with yourself and live a joy-filled life full of energy and purpose. It isn’t easy, it is real important work with life-long rewards.

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What makes coaching with Neve unique and valuable?


Dynamic Community

Simply put, we evolve faster with accountability and community. I’ve tried to go it alone in the past and it resulted in me feeling stuck and very slow progress. In coaching you will be introduced to other people who are prioritizing their growth. Along with the support of the coach you will have new friends encouraging you to step it up and keeping you accountable to make the changes you want to make. Neve teaches everyone how to interact in a dynamic and mindful way.


Rhythmic Living

Waking up and going to bed around the same times most of the time allows our nervous system to find peace. When we have movement throughout the day we get the oxygen and blood flow we need. When we eat around the same times our mind becomes more at ease. These rhythms are the types of things we are aiming for in coaching.


Seasonal Eating

Ayurveda is about rhythmic and seasonal eating. Meal spacing is super important for your body to cleanse itself daily. Your body cares more about when you eat than what. During coaching you will begin to eat at regular times and eat what is local and in season. As you heed your body’s cycles you will intuitively know what your body needs and how you could eat to honor your body.


Identity Evolution

The person I was 6 months ago is not the person I am today. The person I plan to be in a year is not who is typing this now. As we change our habits and growth our identity shifts. Instead of being a night owl you may turn into a morning bird. When we consciously choose who we are becoming it helps us shift and change our old patterns and habits.



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Revive Your Spirit Course

Transformative Experience

Neve is inviting you on a year long transformative experience to becoming your own self-healer.

For less than $5 a day you will…

  • Connect with other amazing people who are prioritizing their growth

  • Grow in our weekly group coaching calls

  • Learn about Ayurveda and through the online course

  • Be connected with an accountability partner to help you on your journey

  • Become more dynamic and open hearted in your thoughts and words by connecting with the group

  • Enjoy group activities in person which is a bonus and optional

  • Schedule monthly 1-1 coaching calls OR a monthly private yoga session

  • Join our secret facebook group and post about your process

  • Receive worksheets, reading assignments and a recipe book

  • Receive a discount OR private yoga during the retreat to Costa Rica!


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What is next after you have been in the group?


Stay in the group and stay committed to your growth for free! The requirements are to show up as yourself and encourage those in the group.

  • Post weekly in the Facebook group and comment on other’s posts.

  • Show up to 85% of the group coaching meetings on zoom.

  • Come to live events when able to and bring family or friends if possible.

  • Tell others about the habits and your journey - be an ambassador of what we do in this community.


Learn how to step into leadership and mentor new members as they begin their journey of living life oriented towards holistic growth.

Mastermind Groups

Connect with other members weekly outside of the normal meeting times to discuss other side topics of coaching like cooking, gardening, relationships, dharma, spirituality, etc. Once a month Neve will join the mastermind group’s call.

Love Alchemy Course