Embrace Divinity


Treasure Yourself


“I love you.” - say to yourself with your hand on your heart. 


- environment

- time & space

  1. Protect your AM & PM rituals (develop them if you don’t have them)  Have a special place to enjoy your rituals. Start with a 2 minute practice if you don’t have one. Review your monthly intentions each morning and night. 

  2. Prioritize your love and intimacy. Make a date time with yourself every week. 


- environment

- time & space 

1. Set your bedroom to induce feelings of love and passion. Pick a time once a week for you to spend 2-3 hours with your beloved. Prioritize your love and intimacy. 


2. Have a conversation with your partner. See if you can do something from your desires list with your partner. Try to make a lot of eye contact during the conversation. Then ask your partner to just sit with you and breathe and eye gaze for a few moments. 

Sex Tip: Flavored lube can be a fun thing to try!


You are Divine


“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

In the Aramaic words which Jesus spoke one could translate image as vibration

I studied the writings of Neil Douglas-Klots who mostly translates the words of Jesus. After reading his books and writings, I feel very strongly about being created with a divine vibration. Yoga also teaches this as well; you are an aspect of the divine, and so am I. When we drop into deep spaces of meditation we can tap into the feeling of oneness. 

Most of the “problems” or “issues” in society have a lot to do with dualistic thinking. For example, this is my people’s land etc.  I will sometimes refer to this idea as linear thinking as well. Yoga teaches the opposite and I believe so did Jesus, we are one and we are divine creators. 


Declaration of divinity

“I am the light, the light I am, as never before, that I am now, and so it is.” 


1. Use the declaration of divinity and see how it feels. 

2. Read about and connect with your goddess/divine feminine/shakti energy to feel your inner goddess power.

3. Start thinking about your goddess art project. What would you like to do?  

4. We will be doing a goddess dance next week. If you want to now, put on something that makes you feel sexy, possibly silk and dance moving your hips to encourage sexual energy to flow. 


Attraction plus obstacle equals passion. If you have enough passion and obstacles, don’t worry about this. If you are in a pattern or “normal” maybe spice it up by creating space and then reunion or another healthy obstacle. 

In relationships there is you, the other person, and the relationship. Think about how you take care of you and how you add to the relationship. Have a conversation with your partner about this concept and how everyone is in charge of taking care of themselves and the relationship. Open up and chat about it. Let us know how it goes.  

When chatting or possibly before notice your patterns and tendency’s, 

“I turn myself off when…”

“I turn myself on when…”

How do you create desire? How do you stop it? Are you taking responsibility for your part in the relationship and arousal? 

Sex Tip: Not having any expectations when intimate. Instead simply being focused on connecting and breathing consciously in the moment with your beloved.  


Awakening Desire


There are four words for Love in the greek language: 

Phillia - affectionate regard, friendship

Eros - love, mostly of the sexual passion

Agape - unconditional love 

Storge - tenderness, love, affection, family 

In today’s society we want our partners to be our everything. Our lover, our bestfriend, our home, our adventure partner, etc. 

I bring this to light for you to reflect on. Is it realistic for me to expect my partner to be all these things? Evaluate with your partner in which areas you could evolve if you feel the need to.

According to Esther Perel’s survey of couples on when do you find yourself most drawn to your partner? She discovered there are three things which add passion and maintain desire:

  1. Absence and longing, when we reunite

  2. Radiant and confident - when they are in their element. Self-sustaining

  3. When you are surprised, when you have novelty, when you laugh together

She goes on to state that sex is a place you go to express yourself. How do you like to express yourself? 




  1. This week continue your ideas for and start working on your goddess project.

  2. Spend some time picking out songs which make you feel sexy and you enjoy dancing to.

  3. How do you like to express yourself through sex? Is it a spiritual practice? Is it a place to try on aggression? Do you like to surrender? Is it a time to escape? Where are the places you like to go when you have sex? 


  1. Talk about the four words for love in the greek language. Evaluate with your partner in which areas you could evolve if you feel the need to.

  2. Watch the Esther Perel ted talk video with your partner (or have them watch it) and discuss what you find interesting with each other. 

On-going expectations:

  • Showing up on the live coaching calls

  • Reading the emails

  • Completing homework each week 

  • Scheduled weekly self-date

  • Scheduled date time with partner

  • Using affirmations which resonate

  • Incorporating mirrors to remind you of your divinity

Sex tips: Pick a non-conventional part of your partner’s body and make love to it. Maybe their ear and neck? Just an idea.