Progressive classes enable students to dive deeply into learning how to do the postures in a way that honors their body. When you attend a class with the same people weekly it creates community. The depth of the journey during progressive classes can not be re-created in a one-time class experience. If you are interested in increasing your body awareness and starting, or deepening your journey of yoga this is a perfect fit for you. 


Yoga Foundations

New to yoga? This class was designed for you! The first class is easy and fun and the classes progressively become harder. These classes are alignment based introduction to the postures. Learn how to connect to your body through beginner breathing exercises. At the end of the session you have been exposed to all the major standing poses as well as know how to safely perform a sun salute. 


Neve has been teaching this class consistently for over 5 years with the seasons. Her joyful personality and easeful charisma make her class very inviting to anyone who may feel intimidated to try yoga. 

Intermediate Yoga (for health and spirituality) 


In this series you will build upon what you learned in Yoga Foundations. Alignment based instruction with an emphasis on living in body and energy integrity through Ayurveda.The postures will be more challenging and require more balance, strength and flexibility. During this class Neve will introduce yoga philosophy and spirituality.  Learn how to safely progress in your practice to more advanced postures as well as being introduced to concepts that apply yoga off the mat. Classes are taught progressively with the seasons. At the end of class there will be pranayama and meditation.